Hirpara Metal Industries HMI
Manufacturer of Brass Cable Glands, Electrical Wiring Accessories, Lightning Protection & Earthing Accessories, Conduit Fittings, Panel Board Fittings & Other Customized Brass Components
Lightning Protection & Earthing Accessories
 Copper Bonded
Earth Rods
 Rod Coupler
 Threadless Coupler (Conical)
 Driving Head
 Solid Copper
Earth Rod
 Rod to Tape Clamp Type A
 Rod to Cable Clamp
 Rod to Cable Clamp Type G
 Rod to Cable Clamp Type O
 Split Clamp
 'B' Clamp
 Rod to Tape Clamp Type E
 Rod to Cable Clamp Type GUV
 Tower Earth Clamp
 Re-Bar Clamp
 Split Bolt Connector / Line Tape
 Eye Bolt
 Flexible Copper Braid Bond
 "C" Crimp Connectors
 Earth Bonding Points
 Earth Boss
 Solid Copper
Earth Plate
 Solid Copper
Lattice Mats
 Bare Copper Tape
 Air Terminal Rod
 Air Terminal Base
 Taper Pointed Air Rod
 Air Terminal Base
 Ridge Saddle
 Rod Brackets
 Rod to Tape Coupling
 DC Tape Clip
 Saddle Clip
 Glazing Bar Holdfast
 Back Plate Holdfast
 Square Tape Clamp
 Oblong Test / Junction Clamp
 Plate Type Test Clamp
 Screw Down Test Clamp
 'B' Bond
 Watermain Pipe Bond
 Rain Water Pipe
(RWP) Bond
 Air Rod Base (Vertical Mounting Type)
 Heavy Duty
Cable Saddle
 Tee Clamp
 Jointing Clamp
 Solid Circular to
Tape Clamp
 Rod to Cable Coupling
 Flat Saddle
 One Hole Cable Clip
 Square Cable Clamp
 Cable to Cable
Test Clamp
 Earthing Clamps
 Ground Clamp
 Band Earth Clamp
 Earth Disconnector
 Solid Circular
Range of Products
Cable Glands & Accessories
Lugs & Ferrules
Conduit Fittings
Earthing Accessories
Mechanical Connectors
Panel Board Fittings
Auto Parts
Other Components
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